SEIU 775 members are there for each other

We work hard. Every day, our residents are counting on us.

When we join together in SEIU 775, we know that we can count on each other too.

As SEIU 775 members, we believe that we should be able to count on a workplace with dependable raises, job security, and the ability to have our voices heard at work— and that’s why so many nursing home staff around the state are making the decision to come together as SEIU 775 members.

Here’s What Our Members Are Saying about SEIU 775

    “Before we were union, it was horrible. They could fire you at any minute. I didn’t see a raise for 8 years. Now, we get a raise every year, along with retention bonuses.”

    Jason G., Nursing Home LPN
    -Jason G.
    Nursing Home LPN
  • “Because we have a union, we don’t work short-staffed anymore. If the shift wasn’t covered, management used to just leave it open and you’d end up being responsible for up to 15 residents on your own. Then we met with management and we pointed out that they’re not supposed to let it get that bad. We reminded them of what they agreed to in the contract.”

    Mary B., Vashon, Nursing Home CNA
    -Mary B.
    Vashon, Nursing Home CNA
  • “As a union worker, you have the protection of seniority. In the past, when there were too many people on a shift, whoever’s in charge of the schedule at a non-union facility could just cut who they want. You can complain, but you can’t do anything about it. At a union facility, there’s a system and they have to be fair.”

    -Shelly H.
    North Cascades Bellingham
  • “Without the union, we had no voice. I didn’t have any kind of representation and our voice wasn’t being heard. We kind of just accepted whatever happened, and when people got in trouble, they had no one to speak up to or to ask. You couldn’t do anything about unfair situations unless you wanted to hire a lawyer. With the union, the supervisors give us a different respect.” 

    Alice P.
    LPN, Sunnyside

Some of the ways that SEIU 775 members are there for each other


SEIU 775 prevents your employer from firing you for no reason

Under Washington law, your employer can actually fire you for no reason at all — or for bad reasons — if you don’t have a union contract. That’s why SEIU 775 nursing-home workers have a grievance procedure to prevent unfair or unreasonable discipline. When we belong to SEIU 775, our union stands with us to fight violations of our rights.

When SEIU 775 members pick up shifts at night or on weekends,   we get paid more

Without a union, your boss never has to give you a raise and pay increases can be based on favoritism – if you get anything at all. With SEIU 775, we bargain for annual or biannual raises so that nursing home wages are paid on a fair and transparent wage scale.

As an SEIU 775 member, you can count on regular and fair scheduled raises

SEIU 775 nursing-home workers get extra pay at night and on holidays because those shifts often mean less sleep or less family time for us, and because it’s harder for facilities to find people who are willing to work those shifts. So when we give up more, we get paid more.

For SEIU 775 members, experience pays off

In our work, experience matters. As we gain more knowledge and training, we’re more valuable to our residents and our facility. SEIU 775 pay scales reflect that. We get paid more as we learn and grow because we’re worth more. If you don’t have a union, your choice on pay is often “take it or leave it.”

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